Developer Profile

Pradyumn Nukala

iOS Development

Angular.JS and React.JS

Android Development

Data Science

AWS Developer

Unity Development

Graphic Design

MEAN Stack

Java Spring Boot

LAMP Stack



8 Years of Experience

Work Experience

Summer 2019

Data Science Intern

Unissant Inc
  • Implemented a Fraud detection Model that recognized patterns of Health Care Fraud and deployed it as an AWS Sagemaker solution.
  • Created a React client web-app backed by serverless AWS Lambda functions to Interact with the Fraud Detection Model.
  • By creating this application, the company is able to demonstrate a proof of concept to a consulting client.

Summer 2018

Software Engineering Intern

Hobsons Inc
  • Built a backend using Java and the Spring Boot framework to monitor the synchronization data between CommonApp documents and the Naviance platform.
  • Created a Web App with JavaScript and AngularJS that displayed the JSON result from the accessed REST API, which could then be organized by filters.
  • By creating this web app, the sales team could answer QA with customers without the aid of an authorized developer. Reducing a process that would take days with admin approval to minutes.

Coding Skills

iOS Development



Android Development

Web Development


Node.js // AWS

Data Science

Design Skills

Graphic Design

Video Editing

3D Modeling


About Me

A Quick Intro

I am an experienced Full Stack Developer committed to maintaining cutting edge technical skills and up-to-date industry knowledge. I dabble in Graphic Design with practical knowledge of Design Techniques, Tools and Principles. I consider myself to have extensive experience in full development cycle from Conception to Market.

  • My project SpaceBolt achieved 15k Daily Active Users and a total 850k downloads in 2018.
  • Published two articles on the development process of my project Yue, which combined for 40k reads.
  • My project VolunTree achieved 1.25k Monthly Active Users, a total of 15k downloads in 2016, and 15+ opportunities recorded daily.


Key Skills

Backend and Databases


Experienced with backends structured with Python (Django), Java (Spring Boot), and Node.js. Tenured with both relational and non-relational databases (MongoDB).

Frontend Frameworks


Experienced with modern frontend frameworks such as Angular and React.

iOS/Android/Cross Platform


Tenured iOS Developer with Swift/Obj-C experience. Experienced with cross platform tools such as Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native

Game Development


Two self published games that have gone through complete development cycle: Ideation, 3D Modeling, Scripting, Marketing